Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Borrowed Hat / Rebellelion Gold Dust Kimono / Gifted Denim Zip Crop Top /  Old Suspenders / Rebellelion Halfsies Denim Shorts / Thrifted Boots / Borrowed Glasses

This morning I had to meet my mama at 5am, so since I was up at the crack of dawn anyways I decided to go take in the sunrise. I drove out to the back roads behind her house, I used to drive these roads all night long when I lived at home, smoking & jamming out to music. I love it our here in the goonies, it's one of my favorite places ever & I feel so at peace. I've posted more photos than usual with this entry, I'm not trying to spam ya'll. The photos also aren't the best quality because they were all taken on my cellphone. I was just really digging this aesthetic & I was just having such a lovely morning being by myself in the middle of nowhere & dancing with the sun at daybreak. I was feeling like an old western outlaw with my threads yet jamming out to Wiz Khalifa's new album Blacc Hollywood, chill vibes all around. As much as I was enjoying a warm breeze & late summer sunshine, I'm SO ready for it officially be fall this Sunday. Ready to ditch the short shorts for big chunky sweaters.

Everything I'm wearing was pretty much gifted/borrowed. Rocking some Rebellelion pieces that will be available on the site whenever I get my shit together & launch the store. It's coming, I promise. I've just been too busy dancing in the sunlight...

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