Sunday, February 19, 2017


primitive is one of my most inspired shoots to date, even finally posting these photos months after they were taken have me feeling just as electrified as when i first shot them. grateful beyond words for the creative dream team that helped me bring this to life.

ale dominguez, mariah schoolfield, maria wallisch & taylor moss hopped a fence at 6am & walked around naked & barefoot in an abandoned barn covered in hidden dangers like broken glass & cow manure to model for this editorial! i'm lucky they had such faith in this vision & brought such GIRL POWER to these images, like goddamn! women are fucking incredible. 

my make-up artist soulmate, stephanie aldrich, brought the universe into the eyes of these women! stephanie just oozes sunshine & rainbows & she's michelangelo with a make-up brush, so fortunate to have the chance to collaborate with her.

my awe inspiring big sister, torie hadel, did the hair on this tutorial & i wanted to cry little happy tears (she would always do my hair for school dances & i can still smell the fruitiness of the orange gum she would chew as she curled my hair). not only did she whip out some amazing editorial worthy hair-dos, but she helped me keep my cool when it was 5am & we still hadn't slept & i was on the verge of a nervous breakdown before the shoot's call time in an hour... what would i do without her!?

also HUGE shout-out to my ride or die, evann waterman, for coming along for this crazy ride & helping keep the show running smoothly. at one point she was literally holding me up against a wall so i could snap those good angles! ev, i'm taking you to the top baby girl.

all of these jackets were upcycled from donated or thrifted pieces. the blue fur coat with floral detail was inspired when the coat ripped & my solution was to fill it with flowers, like plants growing through concrete. all faux fur & leather, rebellelion does not support the harming of animals for fashion. my sister snatched up the white coat, & the long white coat & blue floral coat are being evolved for future projects. the black coat with fringe is available here

jewelry was provided by an amazing colorado local jeweler, the mechanic's wife. sally has such beautiful craftsmanship & each pieces is so eye catching & unique!

find the crew on instagram:
ale dominguez: @aledominguez
mariah schoolfield: @sugrspyc
maria wallisch: @boulderbarbie
taylor moss: tangledtay_

stephanie aldrich: @stephaniealdricmua

torie hadel: @victoriejuly

the mechanic's wife: @themechanicswife444

rebellelion: @startrebellelion


Wednesday, October 19, 2016


i was only planning on releasing the first batch of the baby pink feminist as fuck crop tops, but i had so many requests for black that i had to give in & give my ladies what they want! i finally found a screen printing company i adored & they use eco-friendly inks, but i was devastated when they moved several cities away! the guys were kind enough to still print & ship my shirts out to me, so not all hope was lost! once again, this is a limited batch of 30 tops, size s-xl, so get yours while they're around! find it HERE!

shout-out bee for letting me swing by last minute, make her get in her skivvies & trespass into the vacant apartment next to her to get these dreamy shots! what a babe!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016


gifted coat / thrifted top / rebellelion bell bottoms / converse high tops

my beloved auntie juju took me on a trip to san francisco & boy, was i in awe! i couldn't get enough of the style that city had, i kept saying it was my pilgrimage to mecca. i saw the oscar de la renta retrospective & was moved to tears, i talked with my newfound fashion icon in a little vintage shop, i climbed on rocky coves. the whole trip was like living in a daydream.

 i asked my auntie to take some pictures of me wearing these pants for my store & she was all over it! climbing on things & laying on the ground, getting creative with all the angles! she even escorted me to different locations around town for different scenery. eventually, she even told me to take my shirt off! it was quite the afternoon! my aunt has always been an awesome photographer, i made a post on this blog four years ago sharing some of her old photos from the 90's, check it out here! i'm sure nobody hardly noticed, but i've always been self conscious about the fact that my nose turns bright red when it's even the least bit chilly outside. back in school kids would tease & call me rudolph. i tried to edit it out, but it was too vibrant of a red to just tone out. so i guess i should just accept my red nose as it is, maybe like a trademark or something. 

 if you're dying to get your hands on these pants, well, there's only one pair & they're over on rebellelion now! find them under "new arrivals" or click here


rebellelion feminist as fuck crop top /  mama's shirt / forever 21 skirt

my auntie also took these photos our last morning in san fran. we escaped to this little beach my aunt had stumbled upon before, listening to the honeyroot station on pandora & freshly caffeinated with overpriced local coffee. this was the maiden voyage of the feminist as fuck crop tops, hot off the press, picked them up the day before i left. i love seeing the reactions i get wearing this top, i just feel empowered & a bit mischievous. only a limited run of these were made with just a few pieces left in each size S-XL. get yours before they're gone!