Friday, May 10, 2013


I've been going through a lot of family photos recently for a project I'm working on. I've really been admiring these old pictures of mama, I've seriously been digging her style. The first photo is my absolute favorite outfit, she's probably only 19 in that photo. my mom had all of us kids young; Mandy at 17, Torie at 18, me at 20, & Mitchell at 24. She's around my age in a lot of these photos & it's so cool to just be able to see how she dressed since I don't really remember that sort of thing. Although that's totally true because I definitely remember so many distinctive pieces of clothing my mom wore growing up, like a denim dress, a grey maxi dress with a black collar, a sheer short sleeved blouse with big red roses printed on it. It's funny how I can remember such seemingly trivial details, but I guess to someone fashion obsessed like myself it would make sense that I  fondly remember clothing. I'm that friend who can tell what outfit you wore on your birthday two years ago. You know.
The first outfit is my favorite, I think I literally gasped out loud when I first saw this picture. I love it because it  the outfit totally follows the goth aesthetic, the choker necklace and oversized top. Yet, she's wearing all right, which totally reverses the goth image into something sweet and angelic. Totally taking cues & wanting to wear something similar soon, twisting aesthetics. I grabbed the second photo because of the floral blazer, I used to have one almost exactly like it!
I love the photo of the sweater and high waisted shorts & I love it because my mom is so busty, her nickname as a Black Jack dealer was literally "Busty Christie". The name referred to how she would always bust her dealer hand so her players had a better chance to win money, but it was also obviously a nod to her giagantic boobs. I love how a sweater is so innocent, but when you've got curves you just can't (& shouldn't) hide them so anything can look sexy on accident. Sometimes it's a curse but it's also a blessing. The next photo of her talking on the phone is one of my all time favorite photos of her! That jacket was so lush, it was a dark velvet floral bomber jacket. It was seriously amazing, as you can clearly see! That cute baby in the last picture is yours truly & I'm obsessed with the aztec print on my mom's shirt, it's so 90's & awesome. & I'm absolutely swooning over those gold hoops! I've been wanting some big ol' hoop earrings so I could be a ghetto fabulous wannabe hip hop queen, so you can see how I was stoked to see my mom rocking those hoops!

I'm definitely feeling the urge to spice up my wardobe & really mix some funky pieces into it. These photos were the perfect inspiration, & what a better fashion icon to find than my very own mother!

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  1. My favorite post yet! What an awesome mom!!!