Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Forever 21 Lace + Leather Peplum Top / Forever Sheer Pleated Smock / Fringe Dance Shorts / Target Stag Necklace / Walmart Thigh Highs / Thrifted Ankle Boots

I'm definitely an avid art collecter & treasure my pieces more than anything. Lucky for me, I have a lot of friends that are really really talented artists so my collection is a seriously impressive group of eccentric & jaw dropping artwork. Plus, all of these were just given to me! My friends most really love me to give me such beautiful things. I definitely plan on collecting art my whole life, I want so many pieces that there won't even be enough room on my walls & I'll have to swap them out every day.

The artists in order:
1. Cameron Tripp, a friend I met in art school in Pueblo & a really talented street artist! This is painted on the back of a broken skateboard! He was my Valentine last year & on our date we painted together then swapped canvases, his was of a beautiful rose painted over a bunch of collaged postage tags. I never gave him mine because I never finished it... I suck.
2. Mandy Hadel- My sister doesn't paint much which is a shame because she's actually really good! One of my all time favorite pieces, the colors are amazing.
3. Aaron Findley- I drooled over this painting for months before I finally just demanded he give it to me for my 19th birthday. My future roommate has another painting in this same set  & I'm so excited that we can hang them together!
4. Evann Waterman- This painting is one of my all time favorites given the fact that Evann was incredibly wasted when she painted it with her fingers! Unreal.
5. Brooke Hankins- She does a lot of work with wood carving & it's really fucking cool. She made one of my cat too on an old cabinet! She has a real eye for texture unlike any artist I know!
6. Sarah Berry- My photography mentor & inspiration. I have a few prints of hers that I just was so obsessed with she had no choice but to give them to me.
7. Jack Grupe- Jack made this painting at the same party Evann made hers, you can tell they used the same paint! I also have a kick ass collage Jack made, but unfortunately my cat took a bite out of one corner.
8. Caitlyn Hull- She sent this to me when I was going through one of the hardest times of my life. She definitely pulled my head above water when I was drowning & I'll always be grateful to her for that & this painting will always be a reminder of what I can overcome.
9. Soup Chavez- Soup gave this to me for my 20th birthday & I'm madly in love with this piece because it's my two favorite things, powerlines & Denver! So many people have tried to take this from me & I'm sure you understand why, but paws off y'all. Can you believe she made this in a moving car?!

My boss in California gave me a $100 bonus on that stipulation that I spend it on clothes I can wear in the office. Too bad I moved two weeks later! I love dressing up anyways, so the lace + leather peplum top has found a happy home in my everyday wardrobe as well. The white sheer pleated smock underneath that has been in my wardrobe since my junior year of high school! My sister & I always trade clothes so she's had it the past three years & it's only made its way back into my wardrobe recently. Unfortunately, the smock was too short so I threw on some fringe shorts to cover my ass. These fringe shorts are one of my favorite pieces of clothing I own, I wore them on New Years because they're perfect for dancing the night away! I loved wearing all these different textures & layers together, it really made the look feel so romantic. The stag necklace is my friendship necklace with my friend Nikki who has a matching one. The thigh high stockings were only $6.00 & I'm not ashamed to admit I shop at Walmart! I've had the ankle boots for over a year now & I've never worn them until recently, but now I can't stop wearing them! I rock these babies several times a week, I LOVE how they're so sleek & they lace up in the back!

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  1. You should post some of your artwork! You are an amazing artist!! By far my absolute favorite!