Thursday, April 11, 2013


Thrifted Chopped Rolling Stones Shirt / Thrifted Denim Jacket / Gap Belt / Thrifted Skirt / Shredded Tights / UNIF Hellbounds

My days lately have been so chill & laid back. I'm adjusting to life in Colorado again & since the apartment I applied for isn't available until June I have the luxury of living with my parents. Life is so nice & pleasant, my brother & I get to hang out all day & we always keep busy with random adventures each day. I've been making a lot of art & reading & cooking! The good life.

The shirt I thrifted awhile ago & chopped a little too short but whatever, I'm not shy. I fell in love with this plaid skirt I picked up right before I left California. As an ex-private school girl I definitely love me a plaid skirt. I remember the days of skirt checks where you'd have to get on your knees & make sure your skirt touched the ground or else you'd get demerits, then later out on the playground all us sassy girls would roll our skirts up. Looks like I'm still up to the same tricks. The tights were hand-me-downs from my Mom & just like every single pair of tights I've ever owned they've just completely shredded apart, I seriously don't know how I do it. I've only worn my Hellbounds with the black laces ever since I got them last September, but recently I've been obsessed with the white laces, it just looks so cool & sporty.

& for the record, I was never kicked out of P.E., I was the most obedient student ever & this is just me living out my fantasy of being that bad girl in school instead of the goody two-shoes cheerleading captain.

Also, in honor of this being my 100th Lookbook post, here's a throwback photo from two years ago before I cut the Stone's shirt. You can't tell in this photo but those white pumps were snakeskin & they totally rocked, miss 'em!


  1. I love your hair!!!! I can't believe you've posted 100 lookbook photos, thats awesome.

  2. I think Your photos are beautiful and congrats on your 100th lookbook photo

  3. I think Your photos are beautiful and congrats on your 100th lookbook photo