Thursday, April 4, 2013


Urban Outfitters Hat / Borrowed Turtle Neck From My Friend Christopher / Charming Charlie Cross Necklace / Gap Belt / Thrifted Patent Pants / Forever 21 Boots / Victoria's Secret Mauve-ulous Lipstick

Man, I haven't updated this blog since last year! Shame on me. To say I've been busy would be a complete understatement. I've moved back home to Colorado and I'm getting ready to move out into my own apartment with some friends. It feels so good to be back & life has been treating me good, there are exciting opportunities awaiting me! My store, Paradox has officially closed. I loved running the shop, but it was just SO overwhelming & I couldn't keep up. BUT, one of my best friends (& future roommate) Evann, Christopher (who's turtle neck I hijacked for this outfit) & I are going to join forces & open a brand new store. We'll still be selling rad upcycled clothes, along with artwork & custom furniture! It's going to be like an online flea market! I'm so happy to be able to still have a creative outlet with the help of some friends so that the store can actually be a reality & successful! So keep an eye out in the next few months!

I've been so impatient waiting for my hair to grow out & it's definitely in that awkward in between stage. I get bored with my hair so easily & I've been wanting to try out some choppy bangs, but I'm refraining because I'm determined to let my hair grow. So, I just made fake bangs by pinning back some pieces of my hair & covering it with my hat! I've had the patent pants for months & finally found the perfect outfit to wear them with, I loved this gothic movie director look.

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  1. Im so sad you are closing down Paradox :( But I love you outfit, love all black.