Monday, October 1, 2012


Street Kiosk Ramone's T-shirt (Pinned Into A Crop Top) / Gap Pegged Belt / Thrifted Pleated Maxi Skirt / Thrifted Backpack / Urban Outfitters Sandals

I spent my day getting together a few last items for my fall collection that I'm hoping to launch next week! I bought the cutest vintage sewing machine that is baby pink, so the next few days will consist of me binge sewing to put finishing touches on the upcycled line. I also cruised over to a thrift store and found a perfect oriental sweater and some awesome leather. I'm really pleased with all of the pieces that are coming together for the fall line and I'm so excited for you guys to see it, hopefully it's worth the wait! Moving has just set me behind but trust me when I'm say I'm working like a mad woman to get everything done..

My older sister bought this Ramone's t-shirt at a street kiosk in New York City years and years ago, we've always traded clothes and it made it's way into my wardrobe about 4 years ago and I've hung tight to it! I love it too much to cut it, so I pinned it to make it into a crop top, works just as well! I wear that pegged GAP belt all the time, it's adds a little bit of edge but since it's so thin it can also look so sleek. The pleated maxi skirt was something I picked up at a thrift store right before I moved so I'm glad I finally got a chance to wear it! It's kind of heavy, but soo much fun to spin around in! I got the backpack in the same thrift run as the skirt and it was love at first site! It's made out of  dark brown canvas material which looks so cool paired with the leather straps! And since I don't have a car, I lug this backpack everywhere when I ride my bike, biking with groceries stuffed in a purse just doesn't work out smoothly. I got the sandals when I visited California this past June. My flight landed in San Francisco but I needed to be in LA where my boyfriend at the time was waiting with my suticase, so I was stranded for the night in only the heels and blazer I wore on the plane! The next morning I bought these sandals and some lace shorts so I could enjoy the summer sun while I waited for a ride. I walked all over San Diego in these sandals (I clocked it at just over 13 miles of walking!) so they're formed perfectly to my feet and are so comfortable!

My sewing machine is calling me so I'm off to create! I need a name for it, something cute and girlish since it's a baby pink color- any ideas?

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  1. I'm so jealous of that skirt!!! I loved that you pinned that shirt into a crop top. I thought you had cut it! You should show me how to do that cause I have some shirts I want cropped but don't want to cut them either.