Saturday, September 29, 2012


Diet Coke Can Curler / Thrifted Peplum Tank / Target Wet Look Leggings / Paradox Tie-Dye Socks / UNIF Hellbounds

I'm a Mama's girl 100%, in case my Mommy tattoo wasn't a dead giveaway. She's my role model and my best friend and I'm incredibly lucky to have her in my life. I was missing her extra tonight and she was my inspiration for this look. I remember her telling me she used to use Diet Coke cans to curl her hair as a girl, and she's to blame for my extreme Diet Coke addiction, so I thought I'd pay homage to that. I also had to show off my Mommy tattoo on my upper arm, of course, and flexed muscles + retro hair also reminds me of Rosie the Riveter, and I'm totally cool with that too. The peplum top is one of my best thrift finds and I found it in my favorite section, the nightwear aisle. I just love silk and lace, they just add such a girly aesthetic, and pajamas are always combining those two fabrics so you can see why I wear nightwear as everyday wear so often. I got the leggings almost three years ago for Spirit Week at my high school when my cheer team dressed up as the Pink Ladies from Grease, and my team teased me when I continued to wear them afterwards but they're just fucking cool, and now that leather and the wet look is back in I bet they're biting their tongues! I tie-dyed the socks as a sample for my store months and months ago, but if you like them then I'd check Paradox in just a few weeks ;) And finally, an outfit post with my beautiful UNIF Hellbounds. I wanted those damn shoes all year and I finally got them at the Connected Fashion Festival in Downtown LA, so in love! Man, fashion is so much fun.

Also, a picture of my Mama and I. I have blonde hair in this picture, but I love it because we look so much alike! I really am her twin in so many ways. Missing my sunshine :(

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  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!!! I love the diet coke can as a curler!!!!! And you have such an amazing figure! Oh and I'm so so jealous of your shoes!!!