Monday, August 13, 2012


Ex-Boyfriend's Denim Jacket / Forever 21 Fringe Tank /  Forever 21 Bodycon Skirt / Urban Outfitters & Forever 21 Rings / Urban Outfitters Pumps

If you couldn't tell from all the scowling in these pictures, I've had a really shitty day. I was driving my parent's car and one of the back tires had a blowout. Then I went to the mall and my giftcard wasn't working and my outfit for the style competition is due tomorrow so I'm a little fucked. I mean, in all seriousness, a defunct mall gift card is in no way a crisis but I was really excited about being in this style competition, and it's free clothes, you know? Then a bunch of shit happened with friends, just messy feelings. I'm a little lost, a lot lost actually. I feel like so many people I care about have left my life all at once and the abandonment is hard to handle. I just feel like it's one blow after another these days. Plan A didn't work out for me, and Plans B & C fell through, so now what? When shit hits the fan you've just got to duck, I suppose.

As far as the clothes are concerned in this post, I'm wearing some of my all time favorites. I'm not in the business of keeping things from ex-boyfriends, but I mean come on, this jacket is just too cool to get rid of! The fringe tank is easily my favorite piece of clothing I own. My sister got it for me in a BOGO sale, so I mean not only is it wicked (it seems especially unique coming from Forever 21) but it was also free and it doesn't get any better than that! Also, remember when I said I had too many pairs of shredded tights? Well, I wasn't kidding, here's just another example. I've also had a recent love affair with rings and have been adorning my fingers with far too many of them, but whatever. The solid silver band on my right pointer finger is actually a ring I've had since middle school that I got after taking a cyber bullying/internet safety seminar, I have no idea how I've even managed to hold onto it for so long but it says "2 SMRT 4 U" which I find simply hilarious. But my favorite part out of all of these pictures has to be the ominous powerlines in the background. I'm a fanatic for powerlines, so much so that I have them tattooed on my thigh. I seriously just find them to be so gorgeous.

P.S. - Has anyone else noticed how many Good Old War references this blog has had so far? No? Well, take notice, I've been listening to them so much recently for no apparent reason, but even their sad songs sound happy so that's nice.

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  1. OK so I think it was your last post that I said was my favorite outfit of yours but then you posted this and I have to say this is definitely my favorite outfit!! It looks so 'Madelyn' to me. And the last picture if you is gorgeous!! I'm sorry you had a shitty day. I hope today is going better! And remember you always have an plan setup with me (its probably like plan z for you, but plan a for me.)