Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Today was a lazy day. This is pretty much what you'll find me in when I'm just bumming around and refuse to get dressed. Not to brag but I have a pretty cute underwear collection, but on my days off I ditch the frilly stuff for some cotton boyshorts and a sports bra. The only time I ever really wear t-shirts is when I'm just having a comfy day to myself, and this UNIF tank is one of my absolute favorites. UNIF is definitely one of those designers that has had a big influence on me, I worship their style and overall attitude towards fashion. I have a thing for cutting out the shoulders on my clothing with long sleeves, and this thrifted sweater is so snuggly that it's the perfect top layer.

  I came across one of my old sketchbooks and found some cool stuff flipping through it. It was fiilled with more words than pictures oddly enough, and I really liked one note in particular, it's strange how relevant these notes are now even though I must have written them a year ago. There was a picture I drew of my friend, Nikki, when we drove out to Kansas in January to see the sunrise. Most of my sketches look like they were done on an acid trip and my sketch of Nikki actually looks like an old man, but whatever. I also found a page where I was practicing writing poetry. Writing really isn't a forte of mine, I'm just awkward with words sometimes, but at least I was practicing? There was also lots of scribbly naked people, they're what I like to draw most so my sketchbook is always filled with crude drawings in different styles.

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  1. I really like your outfit. Your drawings are amazing. I'be always loved your poems.