Friday, October 23, 2015


friend's hat / thrifted top / rebellelion vintage pants / grandma's fur shawl / thrifted bolo tie / forever 21 hoops / gifted boots / my dog blu

it's been awhile since i've used this blog as a personal style blog since i launched the rebellelion website. however, i decided to start fashion blogging again for the sake of personal documentation because duh, i love fashion. & because of this love i've developed a bit of a hoarding "problem" when it comes to clothing. i don't consider this a "problem" more as a dream come true to have an overflowing closet, but i must get rid of the old to collect the new. i cherish each piece so dearly, so the best solution is to find my clothing chic new owners through rebellelion, since it's a proven fact i have the cutest most wonderful customers in the world. i hate that word, customers (ick). i'm just calling ya'll my friends who are supporting me! (thank you, i love you).

anyways, first piece out of my closet are these really awesome high-waisted vintage leather pants. they're 100% real leather, which honestly i don't support. but somebody gave them to me years ago & they were thrifted, so might as well recycle & celebrate the beauty, because these are one fine pair of pants! straight leg trouser cut, you'll look fancy as fuck. this shawl from my grandma has me feeling like a true aunthentic cowgirl with my bolo tie to seal the deal. also, these amazing boots were sitting in my friend arianna's closet & i was afraid to ask to borrow them because they're SO cute & you just can't borrow your friend's cutest thing, you know? but she saw me eyeing them & just fucking gave them to me!! they have a really high platform heel & she said she just never wore them! i could have died right there, she's a gem.

no longer living in denver but way out in east aurora, so close to the airport that i hear airplanes constantly & it's weirdly comforting. embracing life on the prairie & loving it, honestly. wanted to edit these photos to look like an old western film, embracing those colorado roots. also, my dog blu is the cutest happiest lil' pup. welp, that's all folks. these pants are for sale, so click this button below & check them out!

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