Tuesday, November 25, 2014


thrifted vintage silk head scarf / brooke's sunglasses / rebellelion earring / forever 21 striped bralet / h&m black skater skirt / denim bralet & polka dot skirt gifted from my darling friend kelly / found sweater / fishnets / thrifted black combat boots / amusement park rainbow sucker / baby the cat

I admit this is an excessive amount of photos for a single outfit post but I had a lot of different ones so why not share them all. I took my cat aside for her daily recess because she gets extremely stir crazy & it was one of the warmest days it has been in awhile, so I was enjoying my time outside. I'm working on putting together a funky modern pin-up shoot for the magazine I work for, so that was the inspiration behind the outfit. I was feeling flirty & playful, sweet with a sharp edge. I later changed into warmer clothes but brought the kick-ass attitude along with me as I headed to downtown Denver later to take street style photos.

The entire outfit is second-hand. I found the sweater stuck in a tree walking home one day (seriously) & a few pieces are from my beautiful wonderful friend, Kelly, who is constantly just giving me the coolest clothes for no reason at all except that she is the sweetest soul ever. The rest of the outfit is pretty much thrifted.

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