Monday, October 27, 2014


Borrowed Hat / Thrifted Sweater / Thrifted Silk Kimono Robe / Rebellelion Jeans / Thrifted Sunglasses / Thrifted Purse Thrifted Necklaces / Rebellelion Rings / Target Socks / Vintage Oxfords

I'm an intern for Rooster Magazine & I recently helped style the fashion spread for the November issue. My boss was impressed with my work and gave me a $100 gift card to Buffalo Exchange in return for my help! I was stoked just to be involved with the fashion issue, much less get rewarded for it! Brooke & I got all dolled up to go on a little shopping spree, throwing on sweaters & robes because it's October in Colorado. Little did we know it was a high of 80 degrees that day! In the car ride we ditched our sweaters to drive around in our bras because we were sweatin' our asses off! $100 goes a long way at Buffalo Exchange so expect more awesome outfit posts with the new threads soon!

My outfit is pretty much thrifted head to toe. The jeans were actually part of a collection I made for my old store Paradox, but they never sold so now I get to rock them. Maybe I'll try selling a similar style on Rebellelion, we'll see. The yellow sunglasses are one of my favorite thrift finds ever! I went on a last minute trip to California this summer & forgot to bring sunglasses so I stopped by the Salvation Army near my great-grandpa's house & picked these babies up for only $4! The thrift store is in the heart of a highly concentrated population of retired folks, must be some saucy grandmas in Torrance, California to leave those beauties behind! I literally get comments from people telling me my sunglasses are on upside down every time I wear them... they're not upside down, just funky as fuck! Those stellar brown+black+burgundy oxfords were a gift from my dad one Christmas. He's a big history buff & definitely inspired my love for vintage clothing. He's not really fashion conscious, he just has a great eye for vintage, He scored these beauts from their original owner, a woman who lives in Brazil & wore these shoes back in the 40's when she was a receptionist. Makes me feel like a bossy lady every time I wear them!

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