Thursday, May 30, 2013


Borrowed Jacket / Borrowed Shirt / Thrifted Belts x2 / Hand-Me-Down Shorts / Fishnet Stockings / Thrifted Metallic Heels / Thrifted Sunglasses

The majority of my time lately has been spent working & even though I love my new job I was so ready for my day off. I'm moving into my new apartment in a week so most of my day was spent blasting rock n' roll & packing up my room, with breaks to bake cookies & play dress up. I may have just turned 21 but dress up is still my favorite thing, I'll never outgrow it!

My friend let me borrow this t-shirt after work one night & I didn't realize how ridiculous it was until I noticed all of the strange looks I was getting on the train ride home. It's a 2 Live Crew shirt that says "as nasty as the wanna be" on it with four girls in thongs. I was sorry I didn't take a moment to appreciate the shirt earlier because OMG! The jacket is borrowed from my friend's roommate. I didn't think she liked me at all & every time I saw her it was just a bit awkward. Until one day we got to talking about clothes & it was exactly what we needed to connect,  her style is so bold & wild! She insisted I borrow her leather jacket & I was stoked. I love wearing other people's clothes, it just adds a little excitement & makes me feel a little different like I can be someone else. The shorts we're given to me by my older sister, & I loved the pocket detail so I just decided to wear them inside out! Belts have been my new obsession recently & I've been slowly collecting them, most of the belts I've grabbed definitely have a western feel to them. I'm a girl who loves fishnet tights & I was thrilled when I found these over-sized ones, so much more edgy! I just got the metallic heels from the thrift store last night & I knew immediately that they were my new favorite pair!

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  1. I love how you turned the shorts inside out. That's such a cool idea!