Thursday, September 20, 2012


 Borrowed My Great Grandfather's Straw Hat / Thrifted Oversized Lace Top /  Vintage Nude Nightgown / Thrifted Belt / Thrifted Boots / My Favorite Urban Outfitters Butterfly Sunglasses / Forever 21 Necklace / Urban Outfitters Rings / Vintage Ring

I work at a Gold & Silver coin shop in Palos Verdes and I spent my shift painting our outside wall, hence all the gold paint on my hands. I'm a personal assistant to the shop's owner and he can be a real asshole sometimes, so much so that I just left work three hours early because I simply could not tolerate him anymore. Oops. Well, since I was off work early I headed down to the beach to soak in some late afternoon sun. It was perfect weather and I spent my afternoon dancing around in the waves while listening to Phantogram, even though this outfit is titled after a 311 song (I never realized it before, but that song is perfect for a Fall day at the beach!) I'm a Colorado girl, born and raised, so the towering Rocky Mountains will always be home, but damn, I could really get used to this ocean view. 

This outfit is pretty much thrifted head to toe. I'm living with my 90 year old great grandpa out here in California and he accompanied me to the ocean, but decided to sleep in the shade instead so I borrowed his sun hat, I actually really love it! He cut the top off so his "head could breathe" and I think it looks so cool and unexpected. The lace top is a favorite of mine, I picked it up in the plus size section of the thrift store and I like how baggy it is because it allows room to play with the drapery of the fabric. I always wear something form fitting underneath so you can still see some shape through the lace! As always, I'm obsessed with pajamas as everyday wear and this vintage nude nightgown is perfect for layering! The boots are one of my all time favorite thrift finds, I've been wearing them constantly! They're not vintage, but they definitely are reminiscent of my favorite era, the 70's. I have too many pairs of brown boots but this pair has a rich orange-ish hue to it which is hard to match with other browns, but it pairs perfectly with nude! I've been stocking up on long belts for Fall, I really love how it looks with the extra material hanging down. And any outfit looks great when you finish it off with some big gaudy rings!

I now have internet access but no Photoshop, so these pictures are coming to you raw and unedited! Not too shabby, if you ask me!

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  1. I absolutely love every part of this outfit!! Poppy is so adorable, I love that he cut the top off.