Monday, August 13, 2012


 Thrifted Sweater / Paradox High-Waisted Fringe Shorts / Forever 21 Belt / Buffalo Exchange Heels

I've been working tirelessly to make the perfect pair of fringe shorts, and I think I finally got it right! There is just something so fun about running around in frilly short shorts. I'm also in love with these brown platform pumps, but I won't be holding on to them much longer because they're a size too big. I always have it made up in my head that if I find something cute secondhand then it automatically is my size, how foolish a thought as that! The stag necklace is one of my favorite things I own, I got it last summer as a friendship necklace of sorts but I can't remember where we found them at, bummer. I was never planning on posting this outfit but my Mama insisted I take pictures before I headed out the door so I had to oblige; she's so supportive and I'm so grateful for her!

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