Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Thrifted Pink Lace Vintage Top / Gear Necklace Gifted From A Friend Who Won It Out Of A Claw Machine / Gold Chain Necklace With An Urban Outfitters Ring / High-Waisted Red Scalloped Buffalo Exchange Shorts / Thrifted White Oversized Coin Purse / Thrifted Tropical Cut Out Heels

Nearly everything I'm wearing today is second hand and I kind of love that fact. The majority of my closet is thrifted as it is, but I'd love to dress in solely in second hand clothing, there are just so many unique pieces waiting to be found. I've had this top for over a year, but I was never sure I liked the structure of it. However, I snipped out the shoulder pads this morning and instnantly liked this top all over again, I just love how girly it is. I was supposed to run errands all day today, but the highways were closed because President Obama is in town, and there was a horrible accident on a major road by my house, so my day was spent sweating in traffic in a hot car and I didn't finish a single errand before it was time to pick up my mom from work. UGH! However, I don't mind driving too much because I LOVE listening to the radio, I really get a kick out of going back and forth between different stations. 

Also, you may noticed the writing on my left leg in all of these posts so far, it's a tattoo I really want to get so I'm test driving it for a few weeks with a sharpie version. How do you think it looks?

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  1. I love that shirt. You look so pretty! What does the tattoo you want say?