Monday, August 27, 2012


 Vintage Midi Dress / Thrifted Boots

I know the favorite color for Fall this season is navy blue, but I've really been feeling the color in an more electric shade instead. I picked up this vintage midi dress recently and I loved how shapeless it was. To be honest, the length and cut is not the most flattering for my body but whatever, I'm not trying to be a sex symbol here, I'm just merely dressing how I please. And I'm still obsessed with these boots. I've styled them for Paradox (see here & here), I wore them in my very first outfit post on this blog, and I'd fucking sleep in these boots if that wasn't a completely pointless thing to do. I just love having big clunky boots, they're a staple in my wardrobe. It's either boots or heels, I honestly don't wear anything else.

 I wanted to stay outdoors all day so I packed up my bag with my sketchbook, journal, camera, and some fresh strawberries and longboarded out to the open space behind my house, then it was a long trek through a meadow and dried ravine to my favorite spot out in the woods. Unfortunately, as soon I got there it started to rain and some serious wind picked up. Totally not ideal for a day outdoors, and for shooting pictures of an outfit I admired for being shapeless, the wind made the dress cling to my body! So I retreated into my garage to retake my outfit photos and to have some time to just chill out and sketch. I really enjoy hanging out in my garage, is that weird?

These days my time is measured by the clothes I'm upcycling for Paradox. Right now I'm working on denim and it definitely is the longest process. First there is bleaching, then waiting for the bleach to sit, then washing it out and sometimes drying, some jeans I prefer to rip when they're wet depending on what kind of denim it is. Then there is the first round of shredding, which then needs to be washed and dried. Then comes the second round of shredding which needs to be washed and dried again. Finally there is general grooming, I take my sewing scissors and cut off certain strands and clean up some holes. Studding comes last and that's an entire process in itself but thankfully this batch doesn't have any embellishment. I usually work on three pairs of jeans at a time, and sometimes I'll work on two batches at once in different stages. I'm moving out of state in two weeks and I'm not working so I just have this weird two week period of endless free time and nothing to do. I just find it funny that these days my only notion of time is if my clothes are sitting, washing, drying, or needs attention. 

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  1. I love that dress on you. You pull it off perfectly.