Saturday, August 18, 2012


Thrifted Nude Bodycon Dress (Tucked Into A Shirt) / Charming Charlie Crosses Necklace + Triangle Ring / Gap Belt / Paradox Shorts / Urban Outfitters Pumps / Gregory, My Sister's Cat

I feel like I'm always running errands and spending all my money on not-fun things (like broken car parts and speeding tickets). Although, I got to spend my evening scooter shopping and grabbing dinner with Nikki, then meeting some other friends to play some board games outside as the sun set, it was really nice.

 These pumps from Urban Outfitters are my favorite heels, I was literally climbing around town in them all day. I always feels a little weird wearing crosses seeing as I'm the not religious, but this necklace was just too cool to pass up. I'm seriously addicted to Charming Charlie jewelry now. I was pretty stoked to find this nude bodycon dress at the thrift store with the original tags still on it! I need to get a nude bra though, because oops, but I kind of like how my black bra shows through. Like, I love how Carrie Bradshaw's underwear was always showing, on purpose! I have so many pairs of shorts I've made for my store but never posted, I'm making new stuff every week or at least experimenting with different techniques to make future clothes. I'm going to have a big sample sale soon and sell all the extra stuff for only five bucks so keep an eye out in the next week or two.

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  1. You look amazing! I wish I could dress like you do everyday. And I really want to go to Charming Charlies cause you always get such awesome jewelry there.
    I can't wait till some of your clothes go on sale. Hopefully I'll have some money so I can buy!
    Also what a cute cat! :)