Wednesday, June 22, 2016


gifted coat / thrifted top / rebellelion bell bottoms / converse high tops

my beloved auntie juju took me on a trip to san francisco & boy, was i in awe! i couldn't get enough of the style that city had, i kept saying it was my pilgrimage to mecca. i saw the oscar de la renta retrospective & was moved to tears, i talked with my newfound fashion icon in a little vintage shop, i climbed on rocky coves. the whole trip was like living in a daydream.

 i asked my auntie to take some pictures of me wearing these pants for my store & she was all over it! climbing on things & laying on the ground, getting creative with all the angles! she even escorted me to different locations around town for different scenery. eventually, she even told me to take my shirt off! it was quite the afternoon! my aunt has always been an awesome photographer, i made a post on this blog four years ago sharing some of her old photos from the 90's, check it out here! i'm sure nobody hardly noticed, but i've always been self conscious about the fact that my nose turns bright red when it's even the least bit chilly outside. back in school kids would tease & call me rudolph. i tried to edit it out, but it was too vibrant of a red to just tone out. so i guess i should just accept my red nose as it is, maybe like a trademark or something. 

 if you're dying to get your hands on these pants, well, there's only one pair & they're over on rebellelion now! find them under "new arrivals" or click here

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