Wednesday, June 22, 2016


thrifted shirt / friend's tank / thrifted bolo tie / rebellelion patchwork boro pants

can you guys tell this wasn't really a photoshoot, but really just me napping ocean side. i've had worse mornings ;) my aunt took these at her top secret cliff beach location on our last morning in san francisco. it was complete & utter bliss. i can't even put into words the feeling of peace & clarity one feels taking a deep breath of cool morning coastal air. leave me here forever, to die happy. let the grass & earth overcome me, i'll just be here.

i know i mentioned it a bit in the cherry bomb collection post, but i've been really inspired by japanese boro lately, just the idea of patching together all of your rags, particularly denim.  i love the way it looks & i also get really excited any time i get to recycle materials (seriously). these jeans are one of a kind, so nab them now on rebellelion!

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