Wednesday, January 6, 2016


thrifted leotard /thrifted skirt / american apparel thigh high socks

it's like i hang out in los angeles for one week & all of a sudden i've got all of this attitude. grabbed some in-n-out with anatalia then wandered into a laundromat. we were barely there for ten minutes before we got kicked out, figures. i nearly flashed half the place in this leotard that i was unaware was as revealing as it was, but so it goes. no shame in my game. i've had this plaid skirt for way too long, i know i posted an outfit set wearing it on this blog at least four years ago. i know four years isn't that long, but for a gal who cycles through clothing like i do this thing is a damn antique. also, that was one hell of a burger. all photos taken by the wonderfully talented anatalia.

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