Friday, November 16, 2012


Hat From My Friend's Car Trunk / UNIF Sleeveless Top / Suspenders / Urban Outfitters Knit Shorts / Walmart Sheer Socks / UNIF Hellbounds

I saw a contest on Instagram for an invite to a private UNIF party to the best entries for wearing your personal UNIF gear with your favorite juice. All I had was a jug of Sangria, counts as juice right? I snatched the pink brimmed cowboy hat from my friend's trunk which is a dress up closet wonderland. I didn't mean to take it from her, but I have been oddly obsessed with the thing lately and have been pairing it with various outfits even when it doesn't match in the slightest. The suspenders belong to an ex boyfriend, oops... The shorts are hand me downs from my older sister, I've always loved them! And the shirt and shoes are UNIF, of course. Keeping my fingers crossed I win the contest! 

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