Thursday, November 29, 2012


paradox destroyed denim jacket / paradox pink floyd t-shirt / forever 21 zipper skirt / paradox dazed & confused socks / thrifted combat boots / party city top hat

it's been an extremely lazy day. i slept in late then woke up to my favorite kind of weather of all time, gloomy skies and rain. i ate cookies and grapefruit for breakfast, did a few loads of laundry, emailed my mom and laid in bed for hours. i was so excited to find that my copy of supercharged combustion by barbara m zavaleta had come in the mail. it's a novel written by my friend anatalia's mother about her first love. i was ecstatic to see that the entire novel is written in lowercase letters, because i solely write in lowercase letters when i can get away with it, they're just so much more aesthetically pleasing. i had the pleasure to spend a week with the zavaleta's over the thanksgiving holidays and i had the experience of a lifetime being able to observe the inner-workings of another family. the zavaleta's are all wild characters, each one of them so passionate and unique, and they are all absolutely out of their minds, but in the best way of course. after this post, i'm headed outside to enjoy the gloom and crack open my new book, i highly recommend you get yourself a copy of barbara's book here, it's only $7.00 and knowing what a bad-ass barbara is i know her book won't disappoint! 

i've always been a fan of make-up, i think it's fun to be able to change your looks so easily and i actually enjoy my morning routine of dancing around to my favorite music as i put my make-up on. but lately, i've really been digging the no make-up look, i just love how fresh it looks. i didn't even realize how many items from paradox i'm sporting, but no shame in liking the clothes i make, right? i'll be spending the entire month of december in colorado, so i've been trying to figure out how i can operate my store when i'll be in an entirely different state than all of my inventory. my solution is to only sell denim for the month of december since i can easily recreate my denim pieces in colorado since all i'll need is studs, dye, and some scissors and razorblades. and since i'll only be able to offer denim i figured i'd launch a new line of denim jackets. i've already created six different styles of jackets, the one in this post included, and i simply cannot wait to make them available on the store! i leave in a week, so this is your last chance to scoop up any vintage or custom upcyled wear on the store! get it now :)

also, i realized that even though i posted an obsessive amount of pictures, none of them showed off the jacket's elbow holes. and elbow holes are definitely something to be noticed because they're fucking awesome. my sister, mandy, is probably one of the only other people i know who shares the weird love for elbow holes just as much as i do, so this one's for you, sis! and also, i'm not as moody as i look, it's just my face, i always look fucking grumpy as hell if i'm not smiling. but anyways, happy thursday!

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  1. I do love me some elbow holes! Haha. Love the jacket and I'm so happy you're coming home next week!!!