Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Paradox Studded Beanie / Great Grandfather's Flannel Shirt / Leotard / Urban Outfitters High-Waisted Striped Knit Shorts / UNIF Hellbounds

My trip to Colorado this past last minute and unexpected which meant I was able to surprise all of my friends  that I was in town. It was so entertaining just showing up to see the looks on their faces when they saw me right in front of them when I had been over 1,000 miles away for the past month. It was strange being back home because everything has changed in a place so familiar. Change is good though, it's something that has taken me so long to learn, but I finally understand the beauty in a life that is never constant. Life is too damn short for regrets and bitterness, when we are human beings with the capability to love and learn and evolve. There is so much slipping out of our grasp that we should jump at every opportunity that can show us the vibrant colors and unimaginable levels of our own existence.  I want all of it, every bit and piece, and I refuse to tiptoe around my own life This is it, we've only got one chance, so why play it safe?

I love wearing hats, and that over-sized beanie was so comfortable and thick, perfect for October weather. My great grandpa, who I am living with in California, has an entire closet full of old flannel shirts, so I've been borrowing them here and there, I mean, who doesn't love a flannel shirt? I've always loved tying the ends of my shirt in knots because it's a simple way to add some shape to a big baggy shirt. The leotard is an essential in my wardrobe, because it's a perfectly fitted top to wear with high-waisted bottoms without having to worry about my shirt coming untucked. I love having such fashionable siblings, our closets are constantly swapping out pieces, and these high-waisted knit shorts were something I traded my sister before moving to California. I'm obsessed with knit fabrics because they add great texture to an outfit, and the fact that their shorts and not a sweater add a subtle quirk. I'm a little disappointed in the quality of my UNIF Hellbounds, I've only wore them a handful of times and they're already falling apart. But nonetheless, I love me a huge platform heel, so running around in these babies are my shoe dreams come true.

My friend, Jesse, painted that eye on my hand. Eye miss you.

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  1. This is such a great outfit! Too bad you're so far away and I can't borrow it :(