Monday, October 29, 2012


Vintage Peasant Top / Thrifted Nude Bodycon Top / Motel Rocks Necklace / Forever 21 High-Waisted Lace Shorts / Old Boots 

My boss gave me the day off, so I was lucky enough to sleep in, but I still went in to the office because the security system was being put in. We're so close to opening the coin shop, hopefully by next week! It's fun being able to work for another small business, watch it grow. My night has been spent editing photos and baking. Just a very relaxed Monday.

The vintage top was something I picked up at a thrift store this summer, and it's something I love to wear to work because it's dressy, yet still eclectic with the 70's flare with the floral detail, peasant sleeves and belled bottom. The nude bodycon shirt was something I also got at a thrift store and it's proved to be such a handy wardrobe basic, I can throw it on under so many different pieces. I got the necklace for only $5 at the Motel Rocks sample sale a month ago, such a good score! And the lace shorts were something I bought from Forever 21 a few years ago, then traded with my older sister, and we recently traded back. My wardrobe is constantly recycling. The boots are old, I can't even remember where they're from, but they used to have fringe on the sides that I cut off a few years ago. I've been wearing shorts for the past few weeks but today I noticed it was a little chilly. not quite the snow they're experiencing back home in Colorado, but cold enough for me to wear pants and long sleeves tomorrow!

We were too wasted to close the window.
Friends and family looking into my only hiding place
The rhythm of a stranger's skin.

Infidel to die for what I am doing 
will happen in the morning when the mirror won't recognize me

He holds a certain gesture when we're lovin' to ask each other
"Do you want it?" "Do you want me?" 
I want it. It is you. You are where I want to be.

Who is he? 
Why would I
hitch a ride? 
I can drive. 
Who is she? 
Why would I 
hitch a ride 
When i can drive?

Somebody put me back in school, I forget everything. 
I used to know how to leave the boy behind 
without having to watch him go. 

Infidel to die for what I am doing 
will happen in the morning when the mirror won't recognize me.

do the twist.

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  1. That necklace is awesome! I really want a nude shirt but I have no idea where to look.