Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Forever 21 Blouse / Thrifted Athletic Shorts / Charming Charlie Peter Pan Collar / Shoe Dazzle Heels

Who says you can't dress up gym clothes? I saw these retro athletic shorts and immediately wanted them in my wardrobe. I liked this particular pair because they were high-waisted and had a tight fit, plus the jersey red stripes and the Indian mascot gave these shorts such a cool school yard quirk. I'm also still oogling over these heels I bought off www.shoedazzle.com. These heels have such a simple elegance with an island platform, open sides, and minimal straps. This outfit was perfect for a trip to get manicures with my sister, and now it's back to packing before I move to California. Also, my sister's cat Gregory made another guest appearance in my photos, he's a pretty cat and he knows it, such an attention whore. 

1 comment:

  1. Love this outfit. I think its very Carrie Bradshaw-isque. And Gregory definitely is an attention whore.