Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Shot the vintage collection yesterday on an abandoned farm. It was pretty eerie, the house had children's toys scattered around and there were two barns and a shack that had completely fallen apart, not to mention an airplane hangar filled with the family's belongings. We found a wedding photo album amoung other things, just makes you wonder what happened to the family and why the farm fell apart! Sounds like a scary movie in the making, yes?

All of the creepy aspects aside, it was a perfect location to showcase vintage clothing. It was blistering hot but our models still looked fabulous in our eclection collection of vintage clothes. Gabe and Jaytee were faithful assitants, even after Jaytee stepped on a rusty nail!

Afterwards, we headed into the studio to take some product photos before a night of editing photos, chinese food, and wine. Can't wait to get the store up and running so you guys can get your hands on our vintage collection! Keep an eye out, we're launching July 1st!

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